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Bleu à Paris

Chloe AvizaComment
Bleu à Paris

Bonjour my friends,

Welcome to my NEW WEBSITE! I've been working on this for months now and was so excited to show you all.

As some of you know, this fall I've been studying abroad in Paris. I've dreamed of living here since I was 10 years old and feel so happy to finally be living my dream. I try to take advantage of everyday with trying new things, traveling, meeting new people and trying to speak french as best I can. (I took it for 4 years but you'd never know.) 

As far as things that I packed, I definitely didn't do a great job with bringing reasonable clothes that I can wear everyday. I brought mostly basics but not enough! When I left New York, it was so warm and sunny even in the middle of September so I was thinking it was still going to be somewhat warm in Paris but I was completely wrong! I'm just thankful there are a lot of places to shop in Paris...

Somedays I like to dress cute and be more colorful but also have those days where I want to blend in with the mood of the weather and bundle up. Today I went for a more dressy, fun look with the bag that I actually bought the last time I was in Paris 4 years ago..

Hope you guys enjoy Xx

Top - Tadashi Shoji 

Pants - Zara

Flats - Topshop

Bracelet  - Tory Burch 

Earrings - Tory Burch

Bag - Longchamp Paris