Follow us in Venice

Happy Sunday my loves,

With having so much going moving into my apartment, getting back to school and trying to find the best fashion internship...I've been so busy. Although, I always brainstorm for my blog and have SO MANY IDEAS TO COME. I'm so excited to show you all very soon. 

When I was in Paris in the fall...I had the most amazing time visiting Venice, Italy with my boyfriend. While we were there, I took a million pictures and videos to remember different things we saw. I think it's important to capture the moments that you're in these amazing beautiful places to be able to look back on them and remember how they made you feel in that moment. BUT, it's also important to be in the moment and appreciate what's around you. That's what I tried to with John when we were in Paris and Italy.

I WISH WE COULD GO BACK...but since we can't I want to share this with you guys. I made this video to have for ourselves but I wanted to share it so you could see a little "day in our lives" while we were there. Comment on my Youtube and tell me what you think, I hope you enjoy! Xx

With Love,