My Top 5 Summer Essentials

Hi loves,

I thought I'd share something new and give you guys an insight on the latest items I've been using that I cannot live without! So without further ado, they are as follows:


1.) Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

I recently found the perfect shade for me this summer...I seriously can't get enough of this product. The greatest part of this skin foundation stick is that it has skin tone correct pigments that give coverage but has that weightless look. My face is usually whiter than the rest of my body, so I normally like to have a little shade darker but not so much that it's noticeable. I use the 'Natural' shade.

My favorite thing about it is when I just get out of the shower and am rushing to go somewhere (AKA me all summer), I put it on my face and it smooths on perfectly without looking like I really did anything. Especially if I don't have the time to self-tan, it gives my complexion an effortless glow during the summer months. 


2.) St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse

I've been using St.Tropez for as long as I can remember, whether it was the gradual spray, lotion or mousse. Who couldn't use a little self-tanner in their life? This is by far one of my favorite products ever and one of my biggest summer necessities. If you apply it correctly, it gives you no streaks and is ultra-even. It also dries really quickly and isn't sticky.

The one I use is the express bottle that shows your tan immediately. Or to give yourself a deeper, darker look, I usually leave it on for a couple hours or overnight to let it sit and then shower it off in the morning. Once you get out and pat yourself dry, you're GOLDEN. Literally.

Seriously just try it, you won't regret it.


3.) adidas x Raf Simons "Ash Pink"

The most perfect, pretty low top shoe I've ever owned. John got me these in April for my birthday, and I was probably the happiest girl in the world. They're Adidas X Raf Simons sneakers in Ash Pink, with insanely smooth leather. They're also incredibly comfortable. As much as I want to wear them everyday, I'm conscious of where I do because they can get so dirty from walking around the city/underground in the subway. A good sneaker is definitely one of my essentials for summer, especially with streetwear being so popular. It's pretty much acceptable to pair any outfit with a chic pair of sneakers. 


4.) Bioré Cleansing Strips

This one may seem really random, but I use these almost every night. My sister got me into them and I've never turned back! They're Bioré deep cleansing strips that help clean your pores and remove dirt, oil and blackheads. It sounds gross I know, but you can definitely see a difference after you use them and you feel so much better after. In the summertime, if you're a person that wears makeup everyday and feels like all of it doesn't always come off after you wash your face, these will be your new best friend. At night after I wash my face and pat it dry, I wet my nose with water and put one of the strips on for ten minutes. It couldn't get any easier.


5.) Sony A6000 Camera

Probably one of the most important things I'll be using all summer: my camera. It's the SonyA6000 E-Mount Camera with APS-C Sensor. A good camera to capture the important moments in your life is something I think everyone should have. I've had this since December and I've learned so many new things about it that I love. I went to B&H in Manhattan to learn more about how to fully use it and they taught me how to set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO levels. This made me happier because now It's way easier to control the exposures in the certain settings I'm in. I can't wait to use it in Europe this summer!

My two favorite things about this camera are it's interchangeable lenses and built-in wifi. For the lenses, one is smaller and the other is way larger (seen in the pics above). The smaller one I normally use on a regular basis for everyday things because of how convenient the size is. If I need something for clarity or distance, I opt for the bigger lens. As for the wifi, I can't even tell you how amazing and easy it makes things. I can take a bunch of pictures and send them right to my phone to share via text, e-mail or post on social media while still having the amazing quality of the photo.

Also, I got kind of excited when I learned that the Kardashians use the same camera everyday to take their glam pics to post on their Instas.

Let me know if you end up using or already use any of these products this summer. I'd love to hear what you think about them!

With Love,